ARCviewer Mobile Access to Your Archives

ARCviewer lets you view your archives on the go.

Features of ARCviewer

  • Search and access messages already archived
  • Retrieve messages and restore them in your mobile inbox
  • Access the attachments and forward to other users
  • Free up space in your inbox by archiving unneeded items (BlackBerry only)

Supported platforms:

BlackBerry iPhone iPad iPod touch

Supports BlackBerry OS 4.5–7.0 with BES 4.1.6+ and 5.0.1+

“The average Blackberry user saved 60 minutes a day, turning this saved time into valuble, productive time. For example, a travelling employee is able to send and read emails and communicate with co-workers and/or customers, saving them time later in the office. By saving time, productivity increased 38% for the employee as well as that of the overall team.”
— "Blackberry Smartphone Users Save Time and Increase Productivity," USaveTelcom
“25 percent of workers are using such [open app stores] app stores to download work-related productivity apps for managing expenses and reading PDF documents”

“In addition to helping workers get more done in less time [smartphones] can improve customer engagement, customer service, improve supply chain operations and partner/supplier collaboration as well as faster, more effective business decision making.”
— "Enterprise Mobility: Keeping Apps and Phones Under Control," Network World
February 03, 2011